One Simple Step to Better Bowel Movements: A Game-Changer for Your Gut Health

In the ever-evolving world of wellness, there's a silent revolution happening in bathrooms... 

Say goodbye to traditional bathroom habits and hello to a simple toilet step – the unsung hero in the quest for a smoother, more efficient, and healthier bathroom experience.

This doesn't need to be a secret - it's  the best way to help you poop for happier bathroom routine.

Toilet Step for Pooping

The Natural Way to Go

Our bodies are designed for efficiency, and putting your feet up on a toilet step help to get your body into the correct position to evacuate. 
By elevating your feet and adopting a comfortable elevated position, you allow your colon to straighten and the puborectalis muscle to relax.

This natural alignment for the best pooping position eliminates the kinks and turns in the digestive tract, making the elimination process more comfortable and efficient.

Toilet Stool for Pooping

Bye-Bye Straining, Hello Relief

No more days straining and struggling on the porcelain throne. These steps encourage a more relaxed and open posture reducing the need for excessive pushing and decreasing the risk of conditions like haemorrhoids and constipation, leaving you feeling lighter and more at ease.

But also for people with urgency, it can help you be in a relaxed position to go.

This simple adjustment in posture can make a world of difference in your overall sense of cleanliness and comfort.

It truly is a game-changer.  

toilet step

Aids Digestion and Prevents Strain

The benefits extend beyond the bathroom - by optimising your posture during elimination, you contribute to better digestion.

The process becomes more efficient, reducing the likelihood of digestive discomfort and bloating. No more feeling weighed down by an incomplete digestion process.

toilet step Gut Wealth

Accessible for All Ages

It's simple and universal design makes it accessible for people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

Teaching proper toilet habits from a young age can set the foundation for a lifetime of healthier bathroom practices.

toilet stepGet Better Bowel Movements with One Step!

In the quest for a more natural, comfortable, and efficient bathroom experience, adding the one simple step to your toilet habits emerges as a game-changer.

By aligning with the body's natural design, this simple device transforms the way we approach our daily "business."

Say goodbye to discomfort, straining, and incomplete evacuations, and embrace this one-step revolution for a happier, healthier you.

Your bathroom routine will thank you, one step at a time 

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How does it work?

The toilet step works by elevating your feet to promote a natural squatting posture during bowel movements.

This alignment relaxes the puborectalis muscle (inside your bum) and straightens the colon, making elimination more efficient and reducing the risk of straining, incomplete evacuations, and digestive discomfort.

It's a simple and effective solution for a healthier bathroom experience.

  • Optimum position for better bowel movements
  • No straining, no discomfort
  • Unlock improved bowel health
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Size: 38cm x 17cm x 23cm