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Gut Wealth - Media Coverage

As a small business - we love sharing our story with you. 
Here's a selection of the stories about us and expert comment we've given to the media.

The Times

How I built a business from my chronic IBS 

(Link to article)

Quine Magazine 

How To Improve Gut Health And Tackle Bloating

 Press & Journal

Aberdeen woman’s bad gut feelings drove her down entrepreneurial path 

(link to article)

Gut Wealth Press & Journal

Women's Health Magazine

(link to article)

Gut Wealth Women's Health Magazine Article

The Express

How often do you need the loo?

(link to article)

How often do you need the loo? Express Article Gut Wealth

The Sun 

My stomach illness was my secret shame, I became so bloated people asked me if I was pregnant

(link to article)

Do YOU suffer from IBS? Shoppers are saying goodbye to IBS symptoms with these £33 'game-changing' liquid supplements - enjoy 45% off your first box now

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Daily Mail Gut Wealth IBS recommended


Shoppers raving over 'game changer' supplement that is currently 45% off

(link to article)

Daily Mirror article about Gut Wealth and IBS

Four foods and drinks to help beat bloating - and surprising causes to be aware of

(link to article)

Daily Expree article - bloating and Gut Wealth

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Grab your sachets now, your gut will thank your later

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No two guts are the same!

Gut Wealth® liquid food supplement works with your very own gut microbiome to build gut health that’s right just for you, helping to boost your immunity and relieve abdominal discomfort and bloating.

Just like any investment, everything counts but consistency is key! 

Gut Wealth® comes in a handy 15g single-serve sachet, for smart, no-brainer daily maintenance of gut health.

It has a mild citrus flavour with no aftertaste, unlike other supplements. And, there’s no need to measure or mix Gut Wealth® with any other liquids, although you can mix it with your preferred hot or cold drinks.