Looking after your gut health to look after your mental health

The trillions of microbes in our gut, known as the microbiome can influence our body weight, our response to infection, our immunity and our mood. 

Our gut and brain were formed from the same foetal tissue in the womb, so they're forever linked through the gut-brain axis connection.

Some call our gut our second brain - and if you think about it our intestines sort of resemble the brain. And the trillions of microbes within our gut are influencing what’s going on in our overall wellness. 

Gut brain connection

Interestingly, 95% of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin is made and stored in our guts and around 50% of dopamine too.

And our gut is home to around 75% of our immune system. So it doesn’t take a big leap to see how intrinsically our gut health and mental health is connected. 

There’s growing scientific consensus that depression and anxiety disorders may be linked to elevated levels of inflammation and studies have also suggested that people with depression have a less diverse set of microbes, on average, compared with healthy individuals. 

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It’s no surprise that much of the same advice for a healthy gut is the same as advice to boost your mental wellbeing:

Eat a well balanced diet: A healthy diet is important for maintaining gut health and overall wellbeing. You are what you eat - so drop the over processed foods and make sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet.
  • Get regular exercise: Exercise is another important way to keep your gut healthy. It helps to promote good digestion and increases blood flow to the digestive tract. And we all know studies show exercise boosts happy hormones for mental wellness. 
  • Reduce stress: Stress is one of the biggest factors that can affect gut and brain health. Make sure to take some time out for yourself every day and practice some relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.
  • Avoid inflammation causing products: alcohol, highly processed grains, high sugar-content items - the more natural the better. 
  • Take a supplement: Beneficial bacteria can help to keep the gut microbiota balanced. You can find them in fermented foods like yogurt and sauerkraut, or you can take a supplement.

Simply put, a healthy gut can lead to a healthier brain. And vice versa!

If you're looking to improve your overall health, it's important to take care of your gut health to maintain good brain health.

brain and gut health


Louise's Customer Review of Gut Wealth - IBS Sufferer

"My gut health definitely affects my mental health. I suffer with IBS, very badly from cramps and very bad pains, always bloated, looking for the toilet all the time, and I couldn't find anything that has helped me over the years.

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  • Gut Wealth® daily liquid supplement 🟧
  • Gut Wealth® daily liquid supplement 🟧
  • Gut Wealth® daily liquid supplement 🟧
  • Gut Wealth® daily liquid supplement 🟧
  • Gut Wealth® daily liquid supplement 🟧
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What's Gut Wealth®?

No two guts are the same!

Gut Wealth® liquid food supplement works with your very own gut microbiome to build gut health that’s right just for you, helping to boost your immunity and relieve abdominal discomfort and bloating.

Just like any investment, everything counts but consistency is key! 

Gut Wealth® comes in a handy 15g single-serve sachet, for smart, no-brainer daily maintenance of gut health.

It has a mild citrus flavour with no aftertaste, unlike other supplements. And, there’s no need to measure or mix Gut Wealth® with any other liquids, although you can mix it with your preferred hot or cold drinks.  

Dietary Info

Gut Wealth® liquid food supplement is a blend of vitamins, minerals and a postbiotic ingredient, all designed to support your digestive wellbeing.

Each sachet of Gut Wealth® contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C, and 100% of your RDA of Zinc.

Gut Wealth® liquid food supplement is Gluten Free and Vegetarian-friendly

Ingredients with allergens marked in bold:

Each 15g ℮ sachet contains:

Water, Lactobacillus LB (L. fermentum and L. delbrueckii) [MILK], Vitamin & Mineral Blend (Vitamin C [Ascorbic Acid], Zinc [Zinc Aspartate], Vitamin B5 [D Calcium Pantothenate], Vitamin B1 [Thiamine], Vitamin B6 [Pyridoxine Hydrochloride], Vitamin B12 [Methylcobalamin]), Natural Flavouring, Acid (Citric Acid), Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Sweetener (Sucralose)

Product Information

Per 15g daily sachet

Energy2kJ <1kcal

Fat <0.1 g

- of which saturates 0.0 g

Carbohydrate <0.1 g

- of which sugars <0.1 g

Fibre<0.1 g

Protein<0.1 g

Salt<0.1 g

Lactobacillus LB 340mg

 Gut Wealth® liquid food supplements are not substitutes for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Contains a dairy-derived ingredient. Contains no live organisms.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If you’re taking other medication, and are concerned about any food supplements, please consult your doctor prior to taking.

We know there are loads of dietary factors to consider when choosing any supplement. If you have a question and it's not answered here, please contact us on hello@gutwealth.co.uk