Not all supplements are created equal

Our sachets are a liquid formula because studies have shown that pill form can be a bit, uhm, ineffective…!

Good for Every Gut, Backed by Science

Our 7 key digestion-boosting ingredients help you beat the bloat and improve bowel regularity.

Our gut health supplement works with your individual microbiome to banish bad bacteria and let the good stuff flourish.

  • Designed for peaceful intestines

    ​​Our sachets are made with gut-friendly, micro-organisms called Lactobacillus LB

    Lactobacillus LB is a postbiotic

  • Works with your own microbiome

    Postbiotics come from ‘friendly’ inanimated micro-organisms that work with the micro-organisms in our digestive tract (the gut microbiota)

  • Can help re-establish balance

    Our sachets help to relieve digestive symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhoea and promote natural immunity and good health

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    Less digestive disorder

    Has been shown to relieve symptoms such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain and bloating that often occur in people who suffer chronic digestive complaints such as IBS

What ingredients make Gut Wealth® liquid supplement a great choice?


Your Questions Answered

There's lots inside each Gut Wealth® sachet!

Gut Wealth® is your practical food supplement developed to contribute towards healthy digestion and starts to work from the first time you take it

Liquids are best for nutrient absorption!

Our daily liquid vitamin, mineral and postbiotic ingredient blend backed by science.

100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C, and 100% of your RDA of Zinc.

There’s no need to measure or mix with our handy sachets for smart daily maintenance of digestive health.

It's easy to add to your routine and has a mild citrus-y flavour

We've blended the vitamins, minerals and a natural, stable and safe postbiotic ingredient backed by science.

It's designed to

✔ Promote healthy digestive "good" bacteria

✔ Relieve abdominal discomfort and bloating

✔ Calm digestive upset

✔ Improve gut immunity

✔ Help build a healthy gut barrier

✔ Support bowel regularity

Our sachets are made in the UK

Gut Wealth® liquid food supplement is manufactured in the UK in a facility accredited by the BCMPA (British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association) and the BRC which certifies by audit the Global Standard for Food Safety.

Everyone is different and each gut is unique. People typically see results within the first 4 weeks.

For optimal results you should take your Gut Wealth® liquid sachets every day. You might notice:

- Quicker calming of digestive upsets

- Improved bowel regularity if things are a bit sluggish for you

- Less abdominal discomfort

- Reduction in occasional bloating

- General improvements to your digestion

We always suggest trying 4-6 weeks to see the comparison between your 'normal' 4-6 week period.

  • Get to know Gut Wealth®

    We’ve created our liquid gut health supplement with 3 things in mind

    It worksit tastes good and it’s easy to add to your routine.

    And we think we’ve nailed it!

  • Supplements - why liquids are best

    Because our sachets are water-based, they don't trigger digestion meaning the ingredients aren’t damaged by stomach acid!

    This results means the good gut stuff gets to where it needs to go - your gut - to get to work

  • Gastroenterologist Recommendation

    British Society of Gastroenterologists suggest taking bacteria based supplement for 12 weeks to experience the difference.

    Most of our community experience improvements within the first 4-6 weeks.

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