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Testimonial - G Merlino

G Merlino - quote

I’ve added Gut Wealth to my routine because I’ve experienced the power of postbiotics and no longer have to think about my digestion. 

I changed careers a couple of years ago to follow my passion for furniture making, after 11 years of a career in microbiology research. 

During this transition, with all its challenges, and what happened in 2020-21 my digestive health was causing me a lot of discomfort, restless nights and anxiety. 

I know gastro-issues are common but I don’t believe they have to define your life. I tried many things to get back on track before being recommended to Gut Wealth - and it works, taste good and I don’t have to worry about embarrassing and uncomfortable digestion!

G Merlino - fuller testimonial 

During the pandemic, I started to experience digestive health issues. Stomach upset, heartburns and real discomfort. I tried changing my diet (no spice and very plain food, less animal products, no alcohol), relaxation techniques as well as speaking to doctor and gastro specialist. 

My biggest issue was not knowing how my digestion was going to work/react so I started living smaller. I was quietly suffering and it affected me, my concentration at work and my social life. 

Some days I’d be OK but it was always on my mind. I was saying “no” to a lot of things - missing out on seeing friends, hikes/climbing and eating out. 

I tried Gut Wealth based on a recommendation. I researched a bit on the ingredients, as the term postbiotic was a new term to me. 

During week 1 I took it some days but not all. And decided to add it to my routine as the first thing I do after waking up. My digestion felt better but I didn’t ‘believe’ it was Gut Wealth alone. Because we can all have a few days where things are OK. 

By week 2, it was already an easy to be part of my routine. I was starting to think that the sachets were doing something - less heartburns and discomfort. 

By week 3 I was starting to notice that I wasn't always thinking about my digestion. It was becoming a less conscious thing that I didn’t need to ‘worry’ so much about. I was starting to sleep better, and feeling more energetic. 

And by week 4 I was fully committed to getting my next box, and starting to recommend it to other people. 

The biggest changes for me are energy, not worrying about my digestion, sleeping better and just being more confident about not cancelling plans because of my gut!

I feel good knowing I’m starting my day with something that makes me feel good and not have the concern about my gut at the front and back of my mind. 

Rhiannon takes Gut Wealth sachets to manage her IBS symptoms

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