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Less bloating
Improved bowel regularity
7 key ingredients for better digestion

The trusted choice for gut health

  • Good Bacteria

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Low FODMAP

  • Sugar Free

  • Made in UK

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Start your day right with Gut Wealth®

Forget pills or powders – our handy liquid sachets are perfect for busy life.

Just tear, sip, and go.

No mixing, no mess, no fuss.

Your daily investment in you

Inspired by her own challenges with bloating, inflammation and poor gut health, founder Gemma created Gut Wealth® to help you live freely from the worry of gut troubles and toilet dashes


We know flavour is really important when taking a supplement - lots of us stop taking them if they're not palatable or leave a chalky residue (yuck!). Or you have to 'hide' the taste.

We designed Gut Wealth® with a mixed citrus flavour with no aftertaste - check out our verified reviews to read how great people think the taste is

While IBS is different for everyone, Gut Wealth® sachets can help with reducing bloating and urgency.

Our owner's personal journey with IBS led to the creation of the sachets after completing the IBS Management course with University of Michigan, drawing on academic papers, working with industry experts and working with expert scientists.

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Liquid supplements have a smaller molecular structure than solid supplements, making them easier to absorb by the body than solids.

Gut Wealth® has been designed in liquid form to deliver the postbiotics, vitamins and minerals faster (to your bloodstream without having to kick off the digestion process) and more effectively into the bloodstream and so the natural acids in your stomach don't destroy the goodness.

Gut Wealth® liquid supplement is manufactured in the UK.

Our products are made in a facility accredited by the BCMPA (British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association) and the BRC which certifies by audit the Global Standard for Food Safety.

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